BEAUTIFUL Kawai UST-6 Studio Piano




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Kawai uprights are beloved for their durability, touch and tone and are known to hold a tune very well.

The Kawai UST-6 is an excellent choice for teachers, and students ready for an upgrade from their more beginner instrument.
This is quite a big step up from beginner piano, the price is still very reasonable

If you look online most piano retailers sell used models similar to this for around $3,000

Stop by our new showroom and give the keys on this piano a friendly little tickle and check out one of Colorado’s biggest selection of affordable used pianos. We also carry a huge inventory of gently used furniture and home décor.

This Kawai UST-6 studio upright piano plays expressively, accurately and smoothly – with a responsive action & feel. The tone is European-inspired and mellow; It has a warmth that is very pleasant. It was teacher owned and tuned and maintained yearly.

Inventor and former Yamaha employee Koichi Kawai founded Kawai in 1927. Kawai is one of Japan’s top two piano manufacturers, and the company is well known for its innovation and high-quality pianos.

A portion of the sale of this piano goes to support the Pianos to the People Scholarship Program which provides a free piano along with in home lessons to underprivileged children on Colorado’s front range communities. For more info on P2P scholarships please visit our website.

Like all pianos you’ll want to get it tuned after its moved but it sounds and plays well as is. I can recommend a great piano tuner if you don’t know anyone. Really nice guy and doesn’t over charge.

I can also recommend a great teacher of you’re looking for someone to give your child lessons. My daughter’s teacher is great and I’m happy to refer her to you.

Free delivery in the Denver metro area within 15 miles is included. Outside of 15 miles there is a small fee for mileage. Delivery includes moving inside and set up as well, but only on ground level. Upper or lower levels will be an additional cost.


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